Starting Keto

Many of you have been asking about my keto journey.

Was it hard to start? What do I eat? Do I eat snacks? Do I meal prep? So I decided to start putting it all together “on paper.”

What is keto?

Keto is a LIFESTYLE of high fat, a good amount of protein, and low carb. I say lifestyle because the pounds go right back on when you go back to a regular carb life. I highly encourage anyone interested in keto to do a lot of reading before diving in.

I recommend watching Fat: a Documentary (Amazon) & What the Health (Netflix). Both of these really helped me commit to my decision.

How did I start? (Step 1: Commit)

I made the decision. Fully and completely. And then I discussed it with my husband to gain his support. We went through our pantry and eliminated all items with carbs only I used. Being the primary cook, this really eliminated the majority of our pantry. We did keep a section for the hubby for pastas that he likes and snacks both he and the kiddo enjoy but they were moved to designated sections. All items with carbs were then given to family and neighbors.

The hardest part was thinking about how much money we recently spent stocking the pantry in mid-March preparing for not being able to go inside stores because of the 2020 pandemic. But also so happy to be able to bless people we love while taking control of our health.

Step 2: Keto Grocery Shopping!
From the start, I knew the basics..
• Meat that we like
• Cheeses that we like
• Low carb vegetables I like
• Low carb / good fat nuts that we will eat

Pro tip: Don’t make yourself eat a specific keto food if you don’t like it. Period. Don’t buy it. Don’t force it. This, to me, is the quickest way to set yourself up for the fast route to “Keto just didn’t work for me.” A lot of Keto food is absolutely delicious. Me? I love all the veggies. My husband, however, can’t stand even the smell of a lot of them. So he just doesn’t eat them. Again, if you don’t like it – don’t buy it!

In the beginning, it’s important to keep things simple. This is a new way of living for your body as well as your mind. Keep it simple. For the first month, give your body time to adjust, take your electrolytes, stay away from deserts (even Keto friendly deserts), and allow your mind the time to become fully on-board with your new healthier lifestyle.

Everything after that is the fun part that can also be complicated (and maybe discouraging) when just starting out. That’s why I’m here. To help! If I can help just one person achieve a healthier version of themselves through this blog, then I have met my own goal.

Step 3: Immerse Yourself in All Things Keto

I filled all of my social media accounts with keto: Keto groups, companies with keto products, people doing keto and people who were successful with keto.

Step 4: Electrolytes are Required!

I bought electrolyte vitamins, already take vitamin D, collagen, and meal replacement powder to have on day one. has great information on why these are important with keto. (More info coming soon on the products I use and why I use those products!)

Step 5: Track your goals

I downloaded Carb Manager and set up my free account. I also upgraded our bathroom scale to a Bluetooth version that syncs my progress and my hubby’s progress to my phone.

I absolutely LOVE the Carb Manager app! It makes tracking macros (Net Carbs, Fats, Proteins) so simple. The Carb Manager app also helps you track weight-loss, measurements and water intake also for free. Completely free! I also add my recipes into the app where you can also access them for your own meals! Do you HAVE to use this amazing app? No. Would I do keto without it? No.

Step 6: Meal Prepping… Then I began to meal prep. I made lunches for an entire week and froze them. On my reusable meal prep containers, I also write the date, contents, and total carbs. The hardest part about keto I’ve found is being caught hungry without a plan. Meal prep is so important as is having the right snacks to hold you over until you can get caught back up.

If cooking is not your style, you can try meal delivery services that offer keto meal or google “keto at *name of restaurant*” before you go to see what your options are. This is also helpful when on the go and for date night!

I do have some of our favorite simple recipes to share with you all as well. I enjoy simple yet delicious meals where I try to keep net carbs as low as possible. Be sure to follow me on instagram for the latest blog entries!

Please know that everyone’s body is different and this is only information from my personal journey and what works for me. Please feel free to comment below which your own how-to-start tips!

For more tips on the keto lifestyle, I’m sure you will love these!

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