Next. Level. Beef Jerky

keto carne beef jerky

Last month in my Keto Krate, I received a package of beef jerky. Now.. If you’re like me, you know not all beef jerky is the same. And it’s hard to find new ones because they aren’t exactly the cheapest snack on the market. Which is what I love about Keto Krate, you can try a ton of new products and spend way less than if you bought them all separately.

The package I received was from Keto Carne, original flavor, and let me tell you, it absolutely did NOT disappoint! That beef jerky was so dang good, I was going around the house insisting everyone try my beef jerky! My husband was pretty tickled by this because I’m generally not one to rant and rave over jerky let alone choose jerky as one of my favorite snacks. But with being Keto, I’d been searching for a low carb, clean ingredient jerky option to keep on hand for when my protein count is low and I don’t have a meal.

Y’all… This. Is. It.

Keto Carne best jerky

Keto Carne has the cleanest ingredients I’ve ever personally seen in a beef jerky product, other than when my Pop made it when I was a little girl. Here are the full list of ingredients: Beef. Water. Seasonings.

That’s it. Seriously. And the seasonings they use does not have added sugars. This really is a ZERO carb snack!! Here are the macros per serving… 2.5g Fat, 16g Protein, 0g carbs. Not Net Carbs.. Straight up ZERO carbs. I’m salivating just writing this to share with you guys!

From what I’ve found online, you can either get it straight from the company website or from Amazon.

Let me know what you think! Hit me up on Instagram!

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