Health Benefits of the Keto Lifestyle

There are so many benefits of following the Keto lifestyle that I couldn’t avoid it any longer. But there’s still a lot of misconception about keto in general. Again, you can find any information you want online that says just about anything. Common question: If keto is so helpful, why aren’t more doctors promoting it? My simple answer: No one’s pockets profit off of simply telling people to change their eating habits. But I am not going to get into politics here.

So what are the health benefits of the Ketogenic Lifestyle?

  1. Improved Weight-loss.
  2. Decreased Appetite.
  3. Helps Prevent Heart Disease.
    1. Dramatic Reduction in Blood Triglycerides.
    2. Increase in HDL, the good cholesterol.
    3. Decrease in LDL, the bad cholesterol. Yes. You read that right.
  4. Lower Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels.
  5. Can Lower Blood Pressure.
  6. Effective against Metabolic Syndrome.
  7. Helps with Epilepsy in Children.
  8. May help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (studies ongoing now).
  9. May reduce Migraines.
  10. Increase in Mental Focus.
  11. Fights some Types of Cancers.
  12. Decreases Inflammation.
    1. Improves acne.
    2. Improves arthritis.
    3. Improves eczema & psoriasis.
    4. Improves IBS.
    5. Improves pain from inflammation.
  13. May Improve Sleep.
  14. Helps with Kidney Function & Gout Prevention.
  15. Assists with Gastrointestinal & Gallbladder Health.
    1. Less heartburn and acid reflux.
    2. Less risk of gallstones.
    3. Less gas and bloating.
    4. Improves digestion.
  16. Helps decrease Anxiety & Depression.
  17. Assists in Women’s Health.
    1. May improve PCOS to reduce or eliminate symptoms.
    2. May help increase fertility.
    3. Stabilize hormone levels.
  18. Less risk for Cataracts.
  19. Extremely effective for many with Type I and Type II Diabetes.

Please note, I am not in the medical field. All of this information has been obtained from other various websites linked to studies and research articles. I can speak from experience that several of these have been absolutely true for me, including my mood and hormones balancing out. I no longer wake up in pain every day, my migraines have decreased, my energy and focus are top notch, I feel like I haven’t reached my thirties yet! I was taking medication for acid reflux daily and now I’ve only taken it once in the past month. My stomach only gets upset now when I’m legitimately sick or mistakenly consumed carbs, not from what I eat on keto (and this is without a gallbladder). My hormones are balancing after a year of them fighting to regulate themselves after losing an ovary and I’m no longer losing my mind over every little thing. I’m so much happier in general. Honestly, it’s like a constant breath of fresh air.

I’m not sure if you’re picking up on it yet, but SUGAR IS KILLING YOU!!

It’s robbing you in so many ways and provides you with nothing in return.

It’s a toxic relationship that needs to be cut out of your life! No one is going to do it for you.

When I think back to how I felt every single day before starting Keto, it’s much easier to not miss carbs at all. Why would I want to feel that BAD? Just for noodles? Or bread? Or a sugary dessert? No thank you! I will take my keto version any day!

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