Keto and Collagen

Before starting keto, I’ll be honest, I didn’t see the importance in vitamins. I figured since I eat a lot of vegetables, surely I was giving my body what it needed… even though so many people were telling me I really needed to take vitamins. Especially after losing an ovary.

What is Collagen?

I kept seeing keto and collagen everywhere! Since collagen was not something I had taken before, I needed to do my own homework. What is collagen good for? Why do I need it? I originally was drawn to it for the benefit of tightening skin, improving my nails, and feeling full but quickly found out there was much more to it.

Benefits of Collagen… for everyone, not just for keto:

Apparently collagen supplements go by a few names: Collagen Hydrolysate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Collagen Peptides are all the same thing. Collagen is the most plentiful and most abundant protein already in your body. It’s pretty much the glue that holds everything together in our bodies. There are 16 forms of collagen in our bodies but the main types are I, II, III, and IV (followed by V and X). So here’s the list I found of all the benefits we receive from collagen:

  • Better / tighter skin / reverses skin aging
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthier hair
  • Muscle growth and repair
  • Improves and repairs joints/tissues
  • Increases bone strength
  • Eye health
  • Gut health
  • Prevent liver disease
  • Heart health
  • Better sleep
  • Mental health
  • Enhance metabolic function
  • Brain Health

Look for… 1) Grass-fed is Bovine. 2) higher grams (9-10 being optimal) per serving of hydrolyzed collagen (otherwise, what would it be? filler?). 3) Only needs one ingredient (can be a blend). 4) Zero or no carbs (flavorings can add carbs). 5) Types I, II, III, V, & X to receive all of the benefits of collagen.

Avoid… 1) Whey and milk. 2) Gelatin (keeps body from absorbing the nutrients). 3) Magnesium stearate. 4) Sweeteners of any kind – it can hinder absorption and the positive effects of the supplement. 5) “Natural flavors” – so much could be hidden in this label, it’s not worth NOT knowing what you are putting in your body. The natural flavors can also hinder absorption depending on what is actually used.

After searching through endless products on the market with page after page after page of why their collagen product is the best, I chose Codeage’s Multi Collagen Peptides. Was this brand listed anywhere in the hype of being the top recommended in any of the 1st page google sites with their lists of products they are trying to sell? No. But it should have been!

I also loved the size of the multi collagen container – offering 63 servings! I hate it when I have to buy a supplement more than once a month. This collagen has no flavor which I love, the ingredients are clean (there’s only one), there are no carbs involved, nothing is hidden in natural flavors because it doesn’t have any “natural flavors,” the product is made in the USA, the ingredients are non-GMO, the company makes the collagen in powder and capsule form, and they also have a vegan collagen product as well! Though.. I don’t know how effective it would be, but it is an option for my vegan friends!

I drink mine every morning either in my cup of coffee or with my protein powder. My nails are fierce! My skin is soft and smooth. I no longer feel any gas or bloating. My knees, ankles and feet even feel better! I’m rarely hungry before at least 1pm. This really has been the perfect supplement for me on keto.

Also, I’m not worried about this collagen kicking me out of ketosis because there are absolutely no carbs, no sweeteners, nada! And this starts my day with a protein boost that is easily absorbed by my body.

But you don’t need to be on keto to benefit from collagen. Anyone will benefit from taking a collagen supplement. There are a ton of collagens on the market to choose from, especially ones branded specifically for the keto diet even though it should be the same (don’t fall for it). This one works so well and I had to share it with you. I am so impressed with this product and this company. They also offer a full range of vitamins, superfood supplements, probiotics, keto products and more.

Give Codeage a try and let me know how you feel next month!

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