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Checking Ketones Easily

Are you in Ketosis

One of the biggest parts of the keto lifestyle is staying in ketosis as much as possible! In ketosis, this is where our bodies burn fat and are generating ketones. On my Most Common Questions post, I shared all about how to know you are in ketosis. What gets more complicated is when you reach a stall in your weight loss journey and don’t know why.

So I use a KetoCoach to monitor the ketones in my body to see how different foods, vitamins, supplements, and so on affect me. When my body is kicked out of ketosis, I feel sluggish pretty fast. With my KetoCoach, I can check in just 8 seconds to see if I am in ketosis or not. The meter is a lot like a glucose meter except it checks ketones instead of blood sugar levels.

When I got my starter kit, I spent time going over the instructions and getting familiar with the meter and honestly I love it. Initially I was apprehensive thinking pricking my finger would hurt but.. Let me tell you.. It does NOT hurt at all!

Here is what my KetoCoach starter kit came with:

  • KetoCoach Meter
  • 10 Test Strips, individually wrapped which I love
  • Lancing device for pricking your finger
  • 10 Lancets (the super tiny needles)
  • A zipper pouch to hold everything in neatly
  • And a KetoCoach sticker (I put mine on my zipper pouch)
ketocoach starter pack

I bought more test strips and lancets just a couple days after receiving it because.. well.. I may have gotten a little OCD temporarily about checking my ketones. I just thought it was so cool to see how different things affected my body, including any supplements I take on a regular basis or try out.

So how do you use it? It’s so simple! You place the test strip in the top of the meter, prick your finger and place the drop of blood on the test strip. In 8 seconds, you have your reading. Anything 0.5 or above is in ketosis!

Right now, KetoCoach is offering $10 off on their website on the starter kit. With my personal discount code, you can also save an extra 10%. Be sure to use code KETODUHON at checkout!

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