Keto Subscription Boxes

Let me just start by letting you know that I absolutely love watching people open boxes just as much as I love opening boxes myself! I don’t even have to know you. What did you get? What’s in the box? And I would be excited for you. Why? Because you got something new, plain and simple.

When it comes to keto or low carb, there are a lot of products on the market that are all relatively new or well just products I haven’t tried yet. But trying each of them to find the items I enjoy the most and would like to continue purchasing can be really expensive.

That’s why I use keto subscription boxes! It’s actually where I get most of the yummy keto products I now use and enjoy in my daily recipes at home. After receiving my very first keto box, I looked up the actual pricing of just three items that I received in my box and those three items alone would have cost me what I paid for the entire box! That particular box had over 10 items so it’s a pretty great deal!

I was surprised to learn just how many different keto / low carb subscriptions are out there to choose from! So I’m putting what I’ve found in one place for you!

Keto Subscription Box Options…

All Things Keto monthly subscription
All Things Keto – Monthly subscription Box

All Things Keto: This one might just be my favorite. For only $29.99 per month, you receive 7-10 items per month with high quality keto options. The company is based on Canada but ships worldwide. Your first box ships the next business day – super impressive! Most subscriptions I’ve found make you wait until their next scheduled shipment date. Downside? You pay $9.99 for the shipping. Even still, 1 or 2 of the items in the box if purchased individually would cost around $40 so you’re coming out way ahead even with paying shipping. From looking at all of their previous boxes, I have no idea how they offer this subscription for such a low price. My favorite part is the ketones and supplements that are offered with this subscription.

The Keto Box - Keto Monthly Snack Box
The Keto Box – Keto Monthly Snack Box

The Keto Box: This monthly subscription runs from $34-$40 per month, depending on how many months you pay for up front. The shipping is free within the US. Each box includes at least 10 items that could be snacks, baking ingredients, condiments, sauces, drinks and exclusive monthly coupons for additional snacks.

No Me Keto Box – 100% clean FULL SIZE products

No Me Keto Box: Monthly keto subscription box with FULL SIZE 100% clean keto products that are non-GMO, gluten free, no sugar or hidden sugars, no inflammatory oils, and less than 5g carbs! No Me Keto also offers exclusive discount codes, recipes, and free shipping within the US, including Puerto Rico. The information in each box comes in English and Spanish! This monthly subscription is $59.99/mo.

My Keto Snack Box monthly subscription
My Keto Snack Box – Curated Monthly Keto Snack Box

My Keto Snack Box: This subscription box has some items I haven’t seen in any of the other subscription boxes that I know from seeing them elsewhere are pretty pricey on their own. A subscription to My Keto Snack Box is only $38/mo with free shipping. Right now they are offering a special discount at checkout as well. The box includes 8-12 (or more) keto friendly snacks that are less than 5g of carbs per serving. My Keto Snack Box ships worldwide from the US.

The Keto Black Box – Awarded Best New Subscription in 2019

Keto Black box: blurb blurb $38? $17… Keto Black Box offers two different subscription box sizes. The smaller subscription is called the ‘Work Week Subscription Box’ and contains five keto items for $17-$20/mo (depending on how many months you purchase at once). And even though the name includes ‘week’ this subscription ships and is charged once a month. The larger size subscription for Keto Black Box contains 8-10 keto items for $38-$41/mo (depending on how many months you purchase at once). The Keto Black Box currently only ships within the US but does offer free shipping. This subscription box was awarded best new subscription in 2019 by CrateJoy. Each snack is 5g net carbs or less and allows requests on additional dietary restrictions such as vegan or vegetarian.

Keto Krate

KetoKrate: This is the keto subscription I started with simply because it is the most advertised keto subscription box. Each Keto Krate box comes with 10-12 items for $39.99/mo. The company offers free shipping and $20 in coupon savings per krate. They’ve consistently been selling out of subscriptions each month. Personally, I loved KetoKrate but I am still waiting on my box due to complications with the company due to COVID and it’s almost time for my next month subscription to ship.

KETO4ALL! Premium Subscription Box

KETO4ALL!: A Canadian keto lifestyle subscription box filled with snacks, clothes, and more offering shipping worldwide! This subscription starts at $58.99/mo and includes at least 8 items per box, not all of which are edible. This keto box is definitely unique and different from the others. For those on strict clean keto, the reviews of this box show this one may not be fore you. But for lazy or dirty keto, this looks like it would be a great gift! Personally, I love seeing that the person at the company who sources the products is responding to the reviews! Yes!!

Komplete Keto monthly subscription box!
Komplete Keto – UK – Monthly Keto Subscription

Komplete Keto (UK only): This UK only subscription offers over 14 keto products in each subscription box starting at only $29.99 a month. That’s really impressive! Currently only ships within the UK.

Krave Kit – UK EU – Monthly Keto Snack Box

Krave Kit (UK EU) Monthly Keto Snack Box: Okay my UK and EU babes! This subscription starts at $27 and is only available in the UK and the EU. Each box comes with a minimum of 10 goodies including sweet & savory snacks, condiments and drinks. Some of the products come with exclusive discount codes to use to purchase more goodies directly from the brand.

Bacon Freak Inc. – Bacon of the Month Club

Bacon Freak Inc.: Now this one isn’t a traditional keto subscription box but I had to let you guys know about it. I mean come on! It’s BACON delivered to your doorstep each month! This subscription gives you 3 months for as little as $41.66 (for 3 months, not per month). In your first box, you receive 2-3 packages of bacon, 14-16 oz each, as well as a t-shirt.They offer several different subscriptions with bacon and sausage. How many packages of bacon you receive each month depends on which subscription you select. Let’s say 2 packages come in each monthly subscription. That would make each package of artisan bacon, delivered to your door, for around $7 per pack of bacon. That’s really not bad at all!

To discover the monthly subscription box that fits best for your lifestyle and interests, I highly recommend Crate Joy! They have just about any monthly subscription you can imagine!

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